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Office of the International Affairs trains foreign students to return to their homeland for employment

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    • Source: 正修科技大學
    • Date: 2021/09/01


    Cheng Shiu University has established cooperative relations and exchanges with 201 schools and institutions in 25 countries. During the summer overseas internship, students will be sent to well-known universities, such as Kansai University in Japan and Panyapiwat Institute of Management in Thailand. The University also cooperates with schools, institutions, and industries in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia and selects university students to study abroad. Indonesia’s 2-year junior technical college 2+i machinery works with the Civil Engineering Department to implement industry-university cooperation and establish international special classes to recruit foreign students. The students, enabled by the off-campus internship, can use their spare time to enter the enterprise workplace successfully through work-study.

    Following the government’s higher education policy reforms and globalization development trend, Cheng Shiu University established the Office of International Affairs in 2003 as a bridge for international higher education.

    The Office of International Affairs indicates that it implements workshops and international seminars with overseas sister schools from time to time and establishes overseas scholarships to encourage students to apply. The Office takes into account the expertise of each department and the Ministry of Education’s Overseas Study Plan to guide students to absorb more sophisticated knowledge in different countries. Besides, the Office continues to recruit overseas students, where more than 50 new foreign students apply for admission every yearly.

    After being professionally trained by the engineers of the Hua Yong Machine Department of Quality Control, the Indonesian students in the 1st 2+i special class established by Cheng Shiu University have independently completed the machining accuracy detection of precision parts, such as gears, spindles, connectors, and transmission shafts. These students are currently completing their internship in the precision testing room of the Hua Yong Machine Department of Quality Control.

    After completing the engineering measurement internship, structural science and application, architectural model information theory, and internship courses, the Civil Engineering Special Class students can apply their learnings in the workplace. 3 Indonesian students in the 2+i special received guidance from senior engineers, allowing them to independently draw road and environmental landscape designs and implement civil engineering designs and supervision internships.

    The Office of International Affairs said that they are responsible for building a platform and communication bridge, thereby playing an important role in the 2+i international special class in the cooperation between Taiwan and the Indonesian Ministry of Education. The objectives are to expand the technical and vocational training of new southbound countries and offer special industry-university international special classes. In this way, students from the new southward countries can obtain academic qualifications and practical experience, allowing them to enter the workplace smoothly as they return to their homeland.