Center for General Education

Center for General Education

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  • Center for General EducationCenter for General Education
    • Source: 正修科技大學
    • Date: 2018/12/05


         The General Education Center(CGE)is responsible for the planning and teaching of the GE curriculum. In respect of the planning of GE curriculum, The whole GE curriculum includes the GE compulsory courses and GE liberal courses. The GE liberal courses comprise human science, social science, natural science and life science. In respect to the teaching of GE curriculum, The GEC is going to broaden the recognition of GE among our faculty by building a positive environment for better teaching and research. Finally the GCE is going to enhance Chinese and English abilities by implementing the projects of Chinese and English reading and writing, and so as to achieve the goal of whole-person education.



    1. Implement adaptive instruction and remedial instruction of Chinese Language, strengthen Chinese reading and writing, edit textbooks with features of CSU, including Collected Chinese Works for College Students and Practical Chinese Language, design digital teaching materials and establish audio-visual instruction network for Chinese Language.
    2. Group students by ability in English Language for instruction, value TOEIC, GEPT and CSEPT, and hold related activities, e.g. English Week.
    3. Hold joint lecture courses for General Education, improve the quality of General Education, and invite local famous scholars to give topical speeches at CSU.
    4. Establish “Kaohsiung Cultural Studies Society of Kaohsiung City,” integrate the resources of different fields, and help promote the studies of Kaohsiung Culture.
    5. Implement e-instruction and cooperative instruction, and encourage teachers to grow professionally in Chinese Language instruction.
    6. Implement “Combination of Culture and Art with General Education,” cultivate students’ diversified interests in culture and art, and enrich the deeper level of their lives.
    7. Annually hold “Academic Conference of Religious Life and Concerns” and “Academic Conference of Kaohsiung Culture / Academic Conference of History and Culture,” and promote the studies and development of General Education.



         The General Education courses of CSU are divided into two categories: “Basic General Education Courses” and “Extensive General Education Courses.” Basic General Education Courses are the compulsory courses with 30 credits, whereas Extensive General Education Courses are the elective courses in four major areas, including humanities, social science, natural science and life science, for students to take 12 credits from them. These courses cultivate rational thinking and discrimination in students, and develop their intellectual perspective, sensible concern and problem-solving ability.



         The Center has 39 teachers, including 2 professors, 10 associate professors, 10 assistant professors and 17 lecturers. The instruction of English Language is fully supported by teachers of the Department of Applied Foreign Languages of CSU.



         The Center has a situational classroom, and is equipped with 1 server, 6 personal computers, 12 notebook computers, 13 projectors, 2 digital video cameras and 4 digital cameras.


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