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Department of Digital Multimedia Design

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  • Department of Digital Multimedia DesignDepartment of Digital Multimedia Design
    • Source: 正修科技大學
    • Date: 2018/12/05




         This program was established in 2008 to meet the needs for the pursuit of broader and in-depth knowledge of media technology. The program began by recruiting four-year day-time students in 2008 and, next, four-year continuing education students in 2011 in the hope to cultivate top-tier elites with professional skills and global view. Aside from the core courses covering digital contents and technology management, the supplementary courses also emphasize the skills of designing digital contents and the skills of information management.



    The program focuses on digital contents and technology management. It centers on:

    1. Fostering elites to be equipped with the ability of designing digital contents via industry-university cooperation and creative-oriented seminars.
    2. Five areas of courses: computer skills, digital skills, creative aesthetics, technology management, and designing projects. By taking related courses, students are able to obtain the certificates of English, Computer Skills, Digital Contents Module, and Technology Management Module.
    3. Shortening the gap between theory learned at school and practice applied at work through the training of designing digital contents products.
    4. Providing students with the opportunities of integrating knowledge with practice via constructing digital-animated and digital-mobile platforms.



         The program covers five areas of the courses: computer skills, digital skills, creative aesthetics, technology management, and designing projects. Innovation and excellent skills play significant roles in this program. The courses that emphasize both theory and practice cover: computer graphics, graphic design, illustration design, and image processing. Further, the courses signify digital design and practical management, and the integration of the upper-intermediate designing level via the industry-university cooperation

    Courses :



         There are eighteen assistant (and above) professors specializing in information management, art creation, computer animation and management. The faculty members are full of teaching and practical experience.



    Featured Laboratories:

    • One digital studio, one creative laboratory, one creative computer laboratory, one digital media laboratory.

    Professional Laboratories:

    • One digital network information laboratory, one digital contents laboratory, one computerized multi-media interactive laboratory, one creation and teaching room, one simulated enterprise operation room, and one information and network safety laboratory. All of the laboratories are equipped with the newest hardware, software, and practice components.


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