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Department of Visual Communication Design

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  • Department of Visual Communication DesignDepartment of Visual Communication Design
    • Source: 正修科技大學
    • Date: 2020/08/01




         The department of Visual Communication Design was established in 2010 with the aim of cultivating young professionals to improve their competencies performed in the contemporary design field. The teaching curriculum focuses on two main fields, namely Creative Product Design and Fine Craft Development and courses contents include Visual Design, Visual Branding, Character Design, Metal Craft, Metalsmithing and jewelry, Brand Analysis and Modern Aesthetics of Life. Through a curriculum incorporating both theoretical and practical courses, the students should be aware of areas for which training approaches are needed to better function appropriately in the duties required of at the design areas.



         The purpose of the department of Visual Communication Design is to meet the development demands of design industries. Based on Visual Design area, the major subjects as Product Design and Craft Research Development are supplemented by a series of courses of Modern Aesthetics of life. From the plan of the courses, the students increase cognition of modern aesthetics life. Meanwhile, from development of techniques, they design living products leading modern aesthetics. For the needs of cultural creative industries, we train students to improve their competencies performed at their workplace who have the core abilities of creation and management. 
    Over the past several years, students have won the red dot award, Moscow Global Biennale of Graphic Design Golden Bee, ASPaC Asia Student Package Design Competition, International Poster Triennial in Toyama, International Triennial of Eco-Poster "The 4th Block" and ADAA Adobe Design Achievement Award etc.



       This department highlights visual designs and products designs include craft research development. By supplementing aesthetics courses, students can develop invincible sense of creativity. Students can, thus, be nurtured to be elites to aid in improvement of customer satisfaction in creative and design industries. In terms of the course design, product design and visual design, the two core subjects are established according to the perspectives and requirements of the current society in the field of design. In addition to the fundamentals, professionals with extensive experience in the field of famous brand design are invited to regularly provide topical lectures. Practical training in various companies during summer and winter vacations are also included in the courses.
    Furthermore, a part of the course, the studio of professional creation provides practical running, advanced digital drawing application classes, and expression skills without technical supports. The courses participate of various areas of Modern Aesthetics of life. It enables students to experience the taste of fashion and come up with creative ideas in daily life. As a result, they can create modern products invested with cultures and aesthetics. The core courses include: design and sketch, design history, computer-assisted artistic creation, the introduction to visual design, cultural-creative design and products promotion...etc. The selective courses include: the exploration of mass-media material, innovation and business, and a series of fashion life aesthetics courses (e.g. dining, clothes to wear, residence, transportation, schooling, and pleasure).


       We have best faculty in the design areas. Our students benefit from expert staff, passionate about their profession and their research. As a graduate, we provide our professional subjects in the fields of visual design, metal craft design, visual plastic art, which integrating Modern Aesthetics of life, or to study further design education.



        The facilities we have Graphic design classroom, Cubic constitution classroom, Multimedia classroom, Drawing classroom, Modern living classroom, Computer Classroom and other supported classroom such as Artistic professional classroom, Music professional classroom, Material-analyzing laboratory. Besides of the aforementioned classrooms, students can also make use of spaces that are administrated by the Art Center, such as Cheng-Shiu Hall, Tzu-Shan Auditorium, Audio-visual Room, Art Restoration and Scientific Research Room, Art Performance Room, Art Survey Room, Drawing Classroom, Music Room and Calligraphy Classroom. Not only do they take a great effect on the learning and teaching, they also benefit for the integration of educational programs of art. Moreover, they will enable the teachers and students of to become people knowing of technology and culture.


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