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Department of Leisure and Sports Management

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  • Department of Leisure and Sports ManagementDepartment of Leisure and Sports Management
    • Source: 正修科技大學
    • Date: 2018/12/05




         The Department of Leisure and Sports Management was established in 2003. The aims are to develop enhance their leisure management and sport science skills of students. Currently, the Department offers a various academic programs, consisting of four-year, two-year, night college, weekend college, graduate, continuing education, and extension programs. Each of the programs is specially designed to meet the needs for those from different level of fields.



    1. One of the features in the Department is to combine resources with surrounding communities, build solid cooperation with industries, and fulfill theoretical and practical instructions.
    2. To promote excellent teaching, the Department provides professional faculty, designs a complete curriculum plan, and prepares students to reach both academic and technical goals, as well as integrate and apply knowledge for leisure, sports and health areas.



    1. The main purpose of curriculum in the Department is to provide instruction combining theoretical bases and practical applications.
    2. The courses are designed specifically to train students to fit employment market and government policies in the leisure and sports management industries.
    3. The courses contain subjects to develop students with leisure, sport and health managerial skills.
    4. The Department routinely holds institutional or business tours for students to experience practical environment other than classroom settings.

    Courses :

    • Department of Leisure and Sports Management



         The faculty of the Department comprises 33 full-time teachers, including 5 full professors, 7 associate professor, 16 assistant professors, and 5 lecturers. Most of the professors hold related certifications in their specific fields, and are with great enthusiasm in teaching and working.



         The Department is well equipped with excellent facilities. For leisure field, there are a restaurant management classroom, a hotel management classroom, a travel and transportation information classroom, a beverage management classroom, a Cahdo classroom, an interpretation classroom, and a leisure and recreational information center. For sport science and health field, there are a fitness center, a wellness examination center, a prevention of sports injury classroom, special-group wellness classroom, exercise biochemistry classroom, exercise load analysis classroom, fitness instructing classroom, fitness and physiological condifioning, omalysis classroom.


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