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Administrative unit

Office of Academic Affairs

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    Office of Academic Affairs

     TEL:(07)735-8800 Ext.1100、1101  |

         The Office of Academic Affairs is responsible for services in the areas of (but not limited to) student admissions, registration and course enrollment; student academic record management; teaching curriculum design and development. In addition, the department provides the information and resources required to develop effective teaching skills, cultivate student learning, manage faculty evaluations, and support English learning programs.
         The Office of Academic Affairs is organized into four divisions and centers: the Registration & Curriculum Division, the Teaching and Learning Development Center, the Admission Division, and the Language Learning Center.


    Registration and Curriculum Division

         TEL:(07)735-8800 Ext.1102~1106  |  Fax:(07)735-8851 |

    Main functions include:

    • Performing all registration services.
    • Managing applications for minor and double major programs, and professional courses.
    • Managing credit and department transfer applications.
    • Publishing academic records.
    • Tracking student credit records.
    • Issuing transcripts, certificates and diplomas.
    • Issuing student ID cards.
    • Managing general curricular affairs.
    • Arranging all teaching courses.
    • Administering course selection system.
    • Arranging and hosting annual curricular committee meeting.


    Teaching and Learning Development Center

         TEL:(07)735-8800 Ext.1112、1113  |

    Main functions include:

    • Supporting teaching development initiatives.
    • Providing teaching resources.
    • Administering teaching evaluation procedures.
    • Supporting student learning.
    • Publishing faculty publication lists.
    • Editing and publishing campus brochures and bulletins.
    • Managing teaching and learning excellence projects.


    Admission Division

         TEL:(07)735-8800 Ext.1110、1111  |  Fax:(07)731-0213  |

    Main functions include:

    • Managing recruitment and admission affairs.
    • Managing entrance examinations (both written and oral).
    • Controlling student quotas.
    • Compiling enrollment statistics.


    Language Learning Center

         TEL:(07)735-8800 Ext.2710  |

    Main functions include:

    • Providing multi-media resources and materials related to language learning.
    • Offering English tutoring sessions.
    • Offering language learning programs for students and faculty.
    • Administering placement testing for first-year students.
    • Arranging English curriculum.
    • Hosting English contests (both written and oral).
    • Setting English competence graduation threshold.


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