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Opening of USR Cishan Site as the Platform for Communicating with Communities and Small Farmers

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    • Source: 正修科技大學
    • Date: 2022/03/02

    An opening ceremony was held for Cishan Agriculture Park Two Nine Farm, which is Cheng Shiu University’s university social responsibility (USR) site in Cishan. All the communities, small farmers, local businesses, and schools along Taiwan Provincial Highway 29 can use this site as a platform for conversations, in order to explore the development ideas most beneficial to the greater Cishan community. President Jui-Chang Kung indicated that Cheng Shiu University is the largest private technology university in Taiwan, and as a leader in education, the university plays its part in social responsibility and endeavors to serve and return the benefits to society in a continuous manner.

    Two Nine Farm, Cheng Shiu University’s USR site in Cishan, is named after Taiwan Provincial Highway 29. It is hoped that the communities, small farmers, local businesses, and schools can use this site for sharing, as no payment is required for shelf space, thus, small farmers can sell products here, students from elementary to senior high schools can have classes at the venue, and government agencies and non-profit organizations can exchange ideas in this space.

    In 2021, Cheng Shiu University began offering a flexible curricula at National Chi-mei Senior High School, thus, this site serves as an off-campus learning venue for students from Chi-mei Senior High School. Local craftsmen in the eastern nine regions, such as the sugar refinery community, the Yuanfu community, and Yuan Shan Timber, are also invited to teach here, and they hope the local children can gain a deeper understanding of their hometowns and learn from the seniors who have made extensive efforts in the communities. The idea is for graduates to return to Cishan and drive the development of local industries.

    President Jui-Chang Kung said that Cheng Shiu University strives to fulfill its university social responsibility by contributing to local communities, returning to and serving the local society in an ongoing manner.

    He mentioned that Cheng Shiu University receives the full USR subsidy from Ministry of Education. The university’s projects in local community developments and industrial upgrades cover Xinpi Township of Pingtung County and Linyuan District and Tauyuan District of Kaohsiung City. Due to the allocation of extensive funding and resources, Cheng Shiu University, along with National Taiwan University and National Cheng Kung University, were the only three award winners in the USR competition, as organized by the Ministry of Education at the beginning of 2022.

    Cheng Shiu University is known for its long-standing commitment to community efforts and services to society and has always been among the 30 best and most popular universities with corporations according to the rankings of CommonWealth and Global Views Monthly. During the past 10+ years, due to its outstanding teaching and stellar performance in the Exemplary University of Science and Technology Program and the Higher Education Deep Cultivation Program, Cheng Shiu University has been one of two private universities that attract the highest subsidies from the Ministry of Education.