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Cheng Shiu University Achieved Outstanding Performance in the Ministry of Education University Evaluation.

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    • Source: 正修科技大學
    • Date: 2021/09/01

    Cheng Shiu University achieved outstanding university performance and passed the school evaluation by the Ministry of Education. All the departments in the 3 colleges passed the engineering certification of Taiwan Assessment and Evaluation Association (TWAEA) and Institute of Engineering Education, Taiwan (IEET). The faculties and students are proud of this good news.

    Given its outstanding performance, Cheng Shiu University was ranked Top 30 among the enterprises’ favorite university students in the “Enterprises’ favorite University Students Evaluation Survey” by the Global Views Monthly 2021. The university was also ranked Top 2 among private universities of science and technology and Top 20 for five consecutive times for the mutual evaluation of university presidents by the Cheers. Moreover, the faculties and students have won more than one hundred medals in International Invention Exhibitions every year.

    The Department of Technological and Vocational Education, Ministry of Education released the results of the “2020 Academic Year Technical College Evaluation”, where all the colleges of Cheng Shiu University passed the evaluation in 4 indicators: university operation & development, curriculum teaching, ensuring student learning effectiveness and school management performance, and self-improvement.

    Moreover, the 11 departments in the College of Management and College of Life and Creativity were evaluated by Taiwan Assessment and Evaluation Association. In terms of “objectives and development”, the 11 departments have followed the developmental trends of profession and industry and established pragmatic and specific educational objectives according to the university conditions and students’ quality. In terms of “teaching and learning,” the 11 departments have established student competence indicators and implemented faculty planning for their curricula. In terms of “performance of operation and development”, the students have participated in various competitions and passed various license examinations, which developed a promising career future for graduates. In terms of “self-improvement”, the 11 departments have responded to internal and external environment changes and established a self-improvement mechanism. All the 11 departments passed the evaluation by Taiwan Assessment and Evaluation Association.

    All 7 departments in the College of Engineering passed the indicator evaluation, including educational objectives, teaching effectiveness assessment, course composition, teacher profession, school equipment and space, administrative support and funding, certification in related fields, and continuous improvement of the IEET engineering certification.

    Cheng Shiu University’s school evaluation performance won recognition from the Ministry of Education. All 18 departments in the 3 colleges passed the evaluation by the Taiwan Assessment and Evaluation Association (TWAEA) and the certification by the Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan (IEET), revealing that the university performance has been widely recognized and that the students have demonstrated a dedicated attitude and resistance to pressure and won a good reputation in the industry.