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Cheng Shiu University Created an Automatic Mask Production Line and Cultivated Talents Supporting Epidemic Prevention

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    • Source: 正修科技大學
    • Date: 2020/05/19


    The Ministry of Education has been striving to promote the five-year Higher Education Sprout Project initiated in 2018 to assist vocational and technological colleges and universities in flipped teaching targeting the objectives of “implementing teaching innovation”, “developing school characteristics”, “improving the publicity of higher education” and “fulfilling social responsibility”. The purposes are to improve students’ learning motivation and cultivate their key basic abilities, interdisciplinary abilities and employability, thereby creating the value of technical and vocational education.

    Under the Higher Education Sprout Project, Cheng Shiu University established the Industry 4.0 “smart industry automation” production line system, which gave full play to its achievement in cross-domain integration and pragmatic talent cultivation during this severe infectious pneumonia (COVID-19) epidemic.

    Cheng Shiu University places its development focuses on combining the future development of engineering science and technology education, industrial demand while balancing the university social responsibility. In order to create a learning environment of equal emphasis on theory and practice for students and greatly improve the efficiency of smart automation training, the University integrated the modes of “cross-domain learning” and “overall curriculum” and planned smart automation talent cultivation courses covering multiple fields, including cloud management and big data analysis, artificial intelligence, smart factory practice, programmable practice, mechanical and electrical integration practice, etc. The overall curriculum is based on practical courses such as “practical project” and “practice”, in which, the students would make practical operation on “smart industry automation” production lines in the way of “separated station learning, rotated station training”, so as to activate and realize their learning results and acquire the technical ability in line with the industry.

    At present, 30 students have passed the factory training certification. In addition, the University has set up a teacher growth community and completed the cultivation of nearly 20 seed teachers of optical mechanical and electrical intelligent production line, who will be responsible for implementing cross-domain learning and teaching.

    Since the outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic in early spring of 2020, there has been an urgent demand for masks and other anti-epidemic resources. In response to the anti-epidemic needs of the faculties and students, and to support the neighboring communities and partner schools, Cheng Shiu University has integrated the “smart industry automation” production line system and organized professional teachers to actively engage in mask production during the winter vacation. This system applies AI in the fully-automatic mask machine, packaging machine, environmental isolation facilities, machine operation efficiency monitoring, big data and cloud platform as well as industrial safety monitoring and communication module. It is also linked to logistics, warehousing management, real-time geographic information, making it a smart mask production line, with the capacity of 10,000 pieces of masks per day if with sufficient material supply. The masks have passed the test of TTRI, with the filtering degree reaching above 99.8% on average. The products are separately packaged with single sealing film for convenient carrying and storage. The school has arranged 6 groups of seed teachers for production operation, hoping to play a part in practicing social responsibility for the future epidemic prevention in Taiwan.