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Cheng Shiu University Won the Excellent Industry-University Cooperation Unit Award for 26 Consecutive Years for its Outstanding Performance in Industry-University Vocational Training and R&D

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    • Source: 正修科技大學
    • Date: 2020/05/15

    Cheng Shiu University has built the only “CNC Machine Tool Cutting Application Industry Elite Training Demonstration Base” in Taiwan, and the “Center for Environmental Toxin and Emerging-Contaminant Research” where the Olympic banned drugs are tested. It has won the Excellent Industry-University Cooperation Unit Award granted by the Chinese Institute of Engineers for 13 consecutive sessions in 26 years. The University stated today that it will further improve its industry-university cooperation to create a better production and learning environment for students.

    Cheng Shiu University attaches great importance to “linking the industry and university to create a win-win situation”, and is committed to encourage the teachers’ technological innovation and development. In combination with industry, government, academia, research institutes, and communities, it strengthens the connection between the university and the industry through diversified operation, and promotes the university R&D results in line with the industry through the professional ability and organizational operation of industry-university cooperation.

    Chinese Institute of Engineers selects the winners of Excellent Industry-University Cooperation Unit Award once every two years from the public and private universities of science and technology in Taiwan with strict criteria and fierce competition. The evaluation is made based on the candidates’ academic achievements in four aspects, including education and training, vocational training, R&D, and technology development. Cheng Shiu University has won this year’s Excellent Industry-University Cooperation Unit Award again, marking its 13th consecutive winning of this award in 26 years.

    In order to strengthen the R&D performance in industrial and academic fields, Cheng Shiu University has set up the General Industry-University R&D Center to comprehensively guide and manage all technological R&D centers. Its Center for Environmental Toxin and Emerging-Contaminant Research is key certification laboratory acknowledged by the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF), with the certification and inspection items including 528 environmental tests, 32 food tests, 26 water pharmaceutical tests, as well as 192 test items in 6 categories of control drugs issued by World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) under International Olympic Committee International Olympic Committee.

    The Technological Center of Engineering Research has built CNC Machine Tool Cutting Application Industry Elite Training Demonstration Base, which is the first in Taiwan that integrates the advanced functions of both assembly and calibration of machine tool. The Center owns a variety of technologies, including CAD/CAM system applied to 5-axis processing technology, space cam 5-axis processing technology, CAE analysis technology, reverse engineering technology, measurement analysis technology, gear design analysis technology, testing machine for control valve of vehicle air conditioning compressor, super-cooling technology, etc.

    The Cultural Relics Maintenance Center is the first unit in Taiwan to introduce science and technology for repair and preservation of cultural relics. It focuses on providing repair and preservation of cultural relics and works of art with repair and preservation technology, and has achieved industry-university cooperation with Christie’s Hong Kong, ELU-TRANS (HK) and other internationally famed enterprises with value amounted to more than NTD 37 million.