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Cheng Shiu University Won “Top Five Private Universities of Science and Technology” Awarded by Common Wealth Magazine for its Performance in School Running and USR Practice

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    • Source: 正修科技大學
    • Date: 2020/05/06

    “Dragon Boat Festival Food Sharing: Warming the Hearts of Elderly Living Alone and with Mobility Difficulties”, “After-school Tutoring for Disadvantaged Children in Rural Areas with Leisure and Sightseeing in Xinpi”, “Taoyuan KALAVUNG Manor Jinhuang Mango Marketing “…all the University Social Responsibility (USR) practices planned by Cheng Shiu University passed the review of the Ministry of Education. Under the guidance of the teachers, the students gave full play to their professional knowledge and creative vitality and became an important driving force for community and industry development. During the 2020 USR University Citizen Survey, Cheng Shiu University was awarded the “Top Five Private Universities of Science and Technology” as recognition for its performance in spreading positive energy.

    Practice of USR is an indicator for the subsidy project for colleges and universities provided by Ministry of Education. The USR project was pilot run in 2017, with the first USR project implemented in 2018-2019. This year, it has entered the second phase, with a total number of 437 projects received from 136 colleges and universities in Taiwan. After strict review by the Ministry of Education, 217 projects submitted by 97 colleges and universities passed, and all the 4 projects submitted by Cheng Shiu University passed the review, which is a high recognition for its achievements made through hard work. These four projects were practiced respectively in “Taoyuan District, Kaohsiung City”, “Xinpi Township, Pingtung County”, “Cishan District, Kaohsiung City” and “Linyuan District, Kaohsiung City”.

    Since 2018, every year before Dragon Boat Festival, Mr. Jui-Chang Gong, the President of Cheng Shiu University, would lead teachers and students to hold “Heart-Warming Dragon Boat Festival” activities in Linyuan, Taoyuan, Cishan and other places together with the communities there. They would share the festival food and serve the elderly who live alone or have mobility difficulties, expecting to make the elderly feel the atmosphere of the festival. Although the visit to the elderly in communities during this Dragon Boat Festival has to be suspended due to the Covid-19 epidemic, Cheng Shiu University will not suspend its love: it will continue to send the rice dumplings specially made by teachers and students to vulnerable families and elders in local communities.

    Xinpi Township (Pingtung County) USR takes “agricultural product value adding and brand marketing”, “leisure and sightseeing travel in Xinpi” and “Young People working and enjoying delicacies in Xinpi” as three characteristic axles of the USR project. With nine implementation strategies, it aimed to create a delicious, fun and healthy Xinpi. The teachers and students also provided after-school tutoring to students in Xiangtan Elementary School in Xinpi Township. In addition, they helped Emita Leisure Estate design the canteen and elves figurines and joined the talents of Cosplay Community of the University to enhance the characteristics and added value of the elves leisure manor.

    Taoyuan USR mainly promotes Jinhuang mangos through KALAVUNG Manor of Taoyuan, inspired by the old name “KALAVUNG” of Taoyuan District, so as to help farmers sell Jinhuang mango and vegetarian gelatin. The campus marketing platform helped farmers sell 1,210 boxes of Jinhuang mango gift boxes, with a total amount of more than NTD 600,000. In addition, the University also developed numerous other sales channels including network ordering, pre-purchase through Line @ special page, telephone pre-purchase, Facebook fan special page, and on-site sales. In the future, it will coordinate with the cooperatives on bulk buying to sell agricultural products from the production areas to the fruit and vegetable markets, so as to practice the USR.

    The theme of the Linyuan USR is “eating with assurance, aging with health and living a Lohas life together in a new Linyuan”. Focusing on food safety and health promotion, this project developed four major axles, namely, “friendly environment with food safety”, “food safety positioning for value-added marketing “, “building a community promoting health of elders”, “mutual help between youth and old generations”. The project members assisted Linyuan Library in window layout and activate idle space, and carried out pesticide and heavy metal tests for breeding water sources and agricultural and fishery products in Linyuan District to check the food safety for producers and consumers. In addition, they also held the beach cleaning activity in Linyuan Wetland Park, which was attended jointly by the elders and the students of Cheng Shiu University.

    The USR of “Pride in Sugar Cane: Cishan Model Innovative Cooperation for Production Promotion” focuses on improving the population structure of Cishan, realizing industrial activation. In cooperation with six mature communities of Cishan District, namely Jungliau, Tangchang, Yuanfu, Nanxin, Dalin and Zhongzhou, the University combined local characteristic industries, small travel and conducted long-term intensive cultivation in communities to attract local young people to seek career or study here, thereby maintaining the vitality of Cishan.