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Yu-Hsuan Pan and Hsiao-Hua Ho (Department of Cosmetics and Fashion Styling) won two gold medals in Seoul “International Human (Beauty & Health) Olympic” (IHO)

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    • Source: 正修科技大學
    • Date: 2020/01/08


          “International Human (Beauty & Health) Olympic”, renowned as the “Olympic Games in the beauty industry”, has attracted numerous talents for the competition. Yu-Hsuan Pan and Hsiao-Hua from the Department of Cosmetics and Fashion Styling, Cheng Shiu University stood out from more than 1500 competitors and won the gold medals of "Aromatherapy Massage" and "Meridian Scrapping Massage" respectively. Sweet fruit can only be harvested through constant efforts.

          “International Human (Beauty & Health) Olympic”, an annual competition held by International Beauty & Health General Union (I.B.H.G.U.) in Seoul, South Korea, is known as the “Olympic Games in the beauty industry”. The competition has been held for 31 sessions so far. More than 1500 contestants from more than 100 beauty schools in South Korea and overseas compete for gold, silver and copper awards in more than 100 competition events.

         In the competition, competitors from Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Vietnam, China, etc. present on the same stage their training results and workplace strength. Through the competition, they learn the trend of beauty and health massage techniques and international massage methods, so as to drive the flourishing of the beauty and health industry.

         The rule of the competition "Aromatherapy Massage" is that the competitors must make massage for customers within 40 minutes by applying at least three kinds of hand techniques, such as sliding, shaking, fist clasping and palm pressing, paying attention to speed, strength and fitness. In the "Meridian Scrapping Massage", competitors should make hand massage with varied skills in 40 minutes, and then add tool massage, which means more importance of the mastery of time and pace. There are different difficulties and challenges between these two competitions.

         The gold medal winner of "Aromatherapy Massage", Yu-Hsuan Pan is a sophomore of Department of Cosmetics and Fashion Styling. She got interested in skin care massage under her mother who was engaged in the beauty industry. She studied in the Shifted Cooperation Education Program of the Beauty Department of Chung Shan Industrial & Commercial School. Then she took internship in the north and received training in the beauty SPA industry. She was very confident in her massage skill and proved her ability through this competition, which is also a result acceptance of the efforts over the years.

         The gold medal winner of "Meridian Scrapping Massage", Hsiao-Hua Ho, a sophomore in the School of Continuing Education who runs a beauty SPA saloon by herself. She said that she decided to challenge the international competition for the purpose of perfecting her skills. Apart from the common skills used in her work, she also frequently practiced the hand skills learned in the school, so as to make a breakthrough in her own skills

         According to Chair Yung-Chung Li, Department of Cosmetics and Fashion Styling, students in the Department of Cosmetics are mainly engaged in cosmetics, hairstyle, overall styling as well as the research and development of cosmetic products. Another key training program is about the industry related to body beauty and aromatherapy. Students are encouraged to actively participate in the competition, as only by opening up an international perspective can they improve their skills.