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Cosmetics of Cheng Shiu University Yielded 2 Gold Medals, 2 Silver Medals, and 1 Best Design Award in the “TSIA International Beauty Industry Competition”

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    • Source: 正修科技大學
    • Date: 2020/03/12


         Department of Cosmetics and Fashion Styling, Cheng Shiu University won 2 gold medals, 2 silver medals, and 1 Best Design Award in “2019 TSIA International Beauty Industry Competition” with its outstanding performance. Chair Yung-Chung Li said that what the school can do for students is to find a stage, so that they have the courage to step out of the comfort circle and enter the industry to realize their dreams in the future.

         “2019 TSIA International Beauty Industry Competition” was attended by salon professionals and excellent students from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan and Korea. The competition covered six major categories of beauty industry, including creative reality dream, hairdressing, makeup design, nail painting, fashion Barbie creative modeling and international eyelash mix design, providing a platform for students to give full play to creative design.

         “International Beauty Industry Competition” is a large-scale international competition organized by Taiwan Salon Industry Association (TSIA). The competition process is quite rigorous. Before the competition, the evaluation and supervision committee needs to measure the height of headwear of the models and check whether the contestants meet the competition regulations.

         The contestants would bear considerable pressure in the competition because they need to balance the speed and fineness of cosmetics within as short as 50 minutes. In the "International Banquet Creative Make-up", Chia-Yin Fu and Mei-Li Chen, who were third grade students of the Department of Cosmetics and Fashion Styling, Cheng Shiu University, won the gold and silver medals respectively. The third grade student Ying-Jen Chen won the gold medal in "International Fashion Bride Creative Make-up". In the "Fashion Barbie Creative Modeling", the fourth grade student Wei-Hsien Li and the third grade student Su-Ling Hsu won the silver medal and best design award respectively.

         Chia-Yin Fu said the competition honed her make-up skills and speed. She began to learn the costume selection and modeling design for the competition as a green hand and completed the work together with her instructor.

         This competition was jointly instructed by Yin-Ru Chen and Wan-Hsing Wang. Team spirit is the key to win this competition. The contestants achieved such a good result only because they kept practicing makeup and hairdressing, as well as making headwear and clothing craft in person.

         Chair Yung-Chung Li, Department of Cosmetics and Fashion Styling said that students could train their creative thinking through competition and improve their skills. In the process of selecting competitors, many students were afraid to participate for fear of poor performance. However, with the encouragement of their teachers, five students broke through their psychological barriers to participate in the competition and made the rare achievement of 2 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 1 Best Design Award.