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Cheng Shiu University Ranked again among the Cheers’ “TOP 20 Universities with Excellent Academic Performance” in the Peer Evaluation of Presidents of 148 Colleges and Universities

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    • Source: 正修科技大學
    • Date: 2020/02/25


       Cheng Shiu University once again ranked among the TOP 20 Universities with Excellent Academic Performance recommended by Cheers through peer evaluation by presidents of 148 colleges and universities. During his speech in the award ceremony today, President Jui-Chang Kung attributed this outstanding achievement to the efforts of all faculties and alumni and expressed his expectation for the University to strive for further perfection instead of staying complacent.

          This activity, University Presidents’ Peer Evaluation of Universities with Excellent academic performance, was held by the magazine Cheers. This time, a questionnaire survey was conducted for 148 colleges and universities, and information was collected from 129 of them, with a recovery rate of 87.2%. In the award ceremony of "2020 TOP 20 Universities with Excellent academic performance" held today, Cheng Shiu University was on the list. President Jui-Chang Kung presented in person specifically to accept the award. Cheng Shiu University’s ranking among the TOP 20 Universities with Excellent academic performance was mainly attributable to its R&D energy and characteristics of tool machine industry. The Ministry of education has invested NTD 51.5 million to set up "CNC tool machine cutting application industry elite training demonstration base" on the campus of Cheng Shiu, which is the only Advanced manufacturing demonstration workshop that integrates tool machine assembly, adjustment, cutting application, product quality control and remote processing information monitoring. The base is equipped with "turn-milling compound five-axis tool machine", "horizontal five-axis tool machine", "large vertical five-axis tool machine", "intelligent five-axis plus and minus compound tool machine " and other equipment.

         The “five-axis plus and minus compound tool machine”, which is worth NTD15 million, integrates on-line scanning, 3D printing of metal powder, on-line measurement and laser heat treatment in CNC five-axis tool machine, representing the cutting-edge development technology. It applies intelligent and compound production system software, and has the ability not only to repair and reconstruct the blades of the national defense aerospace industry with the least human intervention, but also to repair the high-value components of the new laminated products.

         The "horizontal five axis tool machine" with a cost of NTD 9 million is applicable to the round and large-scale products such as aerospace centrifugal impellers, integral impellers, engine cases, etc. The "turn-milling compound five-axis tool machine" is applicable to the processing of components with long cylindrical shapes, such as aerospace centrifugal impellers, special blades, engine parts, etc.

         As one of the Top 20 universities with excellent academic performance recommended by university presidents, Cheng Shiu University has outstanding performance in industry- academy cooperation, department evaluation, teacher training and many other aspects. President Jui-Chang Kung said that this achievement is impossible with the efforts of the president alone, but requires the joint efforts of all faculty, students and alumni.

         Cheng Shiu University was awarded the Model University of Science and Technology by the Ministry of Education. In 2018, it received the subsidy of more than NTD 168 million from the Higher Education Deep Cultivation Program sponsored by the Ministry of Education. The first part of the Deep Cultivation Program planned four major aspects, including "implementing teaching innovation", "developing school characteristics", "improving the publicity of higher education" and "fulfilling social responsibility" with four main axles, 17 sub-plans and 50 implementation schemes. The program emphasizes "innovation, cross-domain and no limitation" and takes "innovation practice, cross-domain integration, local connection and gearing to the international" as the core concept to strengthen professional knowledge and practical skills, and let students enter the industry seamlessly.