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Department of Cosmetics and Fashion Styling

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  • Department of Cosmetics and Fashion StylingDepartment of Cosmetics and Fashion Styling
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    • Date: 2018/12/05




        The Department of Cosmetics and Fashion Styling was established in 2012. Our vision is to develop students become core talents in cosmetics and fashion styling industry. We devote all resources to enhance professional knowledge of makeup and styling as well as to elevate quality and skills of beauty services throughout courses design and practical trainings. We started the program of biotechnical cosmetology in 2009 by leveraging equipment from the department of Chemical and Materials engineering and several industry experts in cosmetics and styling. The program was well recognized by public through curriculum design and practical education of cosmetics technology and fashion makeup. To further integrate education resources, we combined the department of Chemical and Materials engineering and the program of biotechnical cosmetology in 2012. Two majors are available for students to select: Cosmetics Science and Fashion Styling. We will equip students with profound knowledge of cosmetic theory, styling skills and arts appreciation, etc. in four years program, and prepare them with good foundation to start great career in beauty industry.



         Your CSU education blends academic study, hands-on learning, and summer internship experience, which required for cosmetics and beauty industry.

    1. The innovative applications of the art of makeup and styling.
    2. The inventive experiment of the development of cosmetics.



        The undergraduate program in Cosmetics and Fashion Styling at CSU aims to provide rigorous education in the fundamental areas of both cosmetics knowledge and styling techniques, and to offer a variety of internship opportunities in the areas of cosmetics and beauty industry. The program is sufficiently flexible in its electives to provide an excellent preparation for careers in different areas of cosmetology. Both undergraduate and graduate course descriptions are available via curriculum.

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         Over Seventeen faculty members in the department. Each of the department's faculty is a professional. Specialized areas such as biochemistry, skin science, chemistry, cosmetics science, the art of makeup, hair design, fashion and textile design, and education are also covered. The faculty team consists of three professors, eight associate professors, five assistant professors and one instructor. Details on faculty members can be accessed via the list of faculty.



         The Department of Chemistry is located in the Administration building (Building 03C) and the Chemical Engineering building (Building 08). The department office, Skin and Body Care room, Aesthetic Creation and Consulting room, Fashion Styling and Design room, and Makeup and Hair Aesthetics room are located in the Administration building. Moreover, the Cosmetics Manufacture Lab, Water Analysis Lab, Cosmetics Instruments Room, and two Multi-Media classrooms are located in the Chemical Engineering building.


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