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Department of Tourism and Recreation

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  • Department of Tourism and RecreationDepartment of Tourism and Recreation
    • Source: 正修科技大學
    • Date: 2018/12/05




         Department of Tourism & Recreation was found in 2008. The objective of the Department is to cultivate managerial personnel in the field of leisure, recreation and resort industries. In accordance with the school developmental goals, the department offers extensive career plans to help students launch their resort and tourism industry career.



         Through diverse teaching strategies, our department aims to equip students with professional knowledge and competencies, global perspectives, the ability of critical thinking, innovative application and information application. The developmental features are as follows:

    1. To teach students by integrating theory with practice.
    2. To promote global perspectives and interdisciplinary integration.
    3. To encourage creativity, innovation and creation.
    4. To emphasize information development and technological application.



         Through an objective to cultivate tourism professionals with international perspectives and advanced management ability, the department provides students with a comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge together with the actual development of tourism-related industry. Curriculum planning emphasizes on three distinct directions in “operation and management of the travel industry”, “resource planning for tourism and recreation” and “food and beverage operational management”. Our courses offered are categorized as liberal arts courses, common courses, compulsory core courses, and elective courses. An internship program is in place so that students will have opportunities to be familiar with real-world applications, as well as fostering international perspectives and building up a sense of responsibility and teamwork ability. They will prepare students for their future career in the tourism industry.

    Courses :



         The faculty of the Department is composed of 5 full-time teachers, including 1 full professor, 1 associate professor, 1 assistant professor and 2 instructors.



         The Department has a room-service operational classroom, a simulated hotel equipped classroom, a travelling training classroom, a tour-guiding classroom, a tea art classroom, an operational drinks classroom, a simulated travel-agency classroom. The advanced, fully-equipment facilities offer an excellent environment for tourism and recreation Industry.


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