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Department of Early Childhood Care and Education

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  • Department of  Early Childhood Care and EducationDepartment of Early Childhood Care and Education
    • Source: 正修科技大學
    • Date: 2018/12/05




         The department of early childhood care and education was established in 1997. Education program comprises a four-year technical college and a two-year technical college. The course of early childhood care and education is designed to conform to the government’s policy of child daycare development. Course arrangement is set to meet students’ needs in the future. The course is divided into two module groups; child care education and teaching group and activity and teaching material designing group. Meanwhile, we are employing more teachers who specialize in these two modules. Besides, we are setting up more professional classrooms to suit various teaching purposes, such as classrooms for multi-media teaching and material making and so on. Moreover, we not only focus on fostering students to specialize in their majors and become a brilliant child caring person with good manner but also on recruiting mature students to join our professional study programs. Some examinations are held for students or citizens interested in technician certificates.


    Education Goals

    In order to orientate the trend of society, our department sets the following direction to meet the overall goals.

    • To develop students’ skills in child caring and knowledge in child holistic education.
    • To develop students’ second skill of specialty in order to enhance students’ competence for future job markets.
    • To develop students’ talent in multi-professional child education.

    Courses :



         The department of early childhood Education currently has 13 full-time faculty members, including three associate professors, seven assistant professors, three lecturers. All of our faculty members are either holding a PhD. Degree in their specialized area with professional license or Master degree. Our members take seriously in teaching students and with great enthusiasm.



         We now have 17 special classrooms for different models of teaching, for instance, classrooms for audio-visual, play therapy, sensory integration, teaching material making, baby caring demonstration, conference, dietary nutrition making, life science and demonstration and so on. Besides, we have an affiliated experimental kindergarten where provides a chance for students to do practice and observation.


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