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Department of Information Management

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  • Department of Information ManagementDepartment of Information Management
    • Source: 正修科技大學
    • Date: 2018/12/05


         The teaching contents of information management department in Cheng Shiu University includes two major areas, "digital innovation applications" and "intelligent commerce services". Also, we emphasize the integration and application of information technology and business management, and teach students have cross-field innovation and practical capabilities.



         The Department of Information Management was established in 2002, set up the division of regular education and the division of continuing education, the establishment of a two-year vocational studies junior college in 2004 as well as of two technical working special class in 2005. The Institute of information Management was established in 2007, and In-service Master Program of Information Management established in 2009. 



    1. We invite industry experts to participate in curriculum design, collaborative teaching and special topics, as well as students' career guidance, so as to cultivate talents who meet the needs of the industry.
    2. We implement the production of practical projects and strengthen the students' ability of management practice and team cooperation.
    3. We guide students to participate in relevant competitions, invention exhibitions and obtain professional certificates, moreover, to cultivate students' information professional skills and practical ability. 
    4. We promote the practical teaching of learning by doing in an all-round way; furthermore, increase students' career integration and employment competitiveness.
    5. We actively industry-academia collaboration to shorten the skills and educational mismatch.



    1. The main goal of our department course is to teach theory and technology of information management, especially in three areas of expertise knowledge, electronic enterprise, digital content and applications, as well as information security, to cultivate high-level information management personnel.
    2. The design of our course is to adopt both: theory and practice, written and oral double track, professional teachers and industry teachers collaborative, and multiple teaching methods for individual and grouped teams.


    Courses in College Program

    The first part of the course is basic subjects, which are also divided into general basic subjects and professional basic subjects. The second part is the professional field subjects of the Department of asset management which are designed by the job vacancies provided by the needs of the industry and the development trend of business management and information technology. Students can choose the required courses according to the curriculum standards, and choose the relevant professional courses and cross field credit courses.

    Courses in Master Program

    The course focuses on the advanced theory and application of information management and digital innovation, emphasizing the combination of academic research and industrial practice. At present, the development direction of the course is as follows: (1) smart maker application, (2) artificial intelligent Internet of things (AIoT), (3) intelligence commerce services, (4) big data analytics and application.





         The faculty of the Department is composed of 20 full-time teachers and 1 department assistant, including 2 full professors, 10 associate professors, 7 assistant professors and 1 instructor.




    In line with the teaching content of the Department, there are the following special laboratories;

    Research Labs

    There are 4 professional research labs, including IoT application lab, cloud application lab, intelligent commerce services lab, and big data lab.

    Teaching Software

    There are the following software resources to provide teaching and research use: Vitals km knowledge management system, ILOG supply chain management system, process wizard SCOR supply chain analysis, e + + and xupper system analysis, Poly analysis data exploration software, unity pro, 3DMAX, Maya, iClone, Studio 8, j-builder, Quest3D, Virtools, SPSS, AMOS, SmartPLS 3.0 statistical analysis software and so on.

    Electronic Database

    There are the following electric resources to provide teaching and research use: ABI/INFORM、Science Direct-On-Site(SDOS)、World Scientific、Web of Science(SCI、SSCI、A&HCI)、ProQuest(PQDD)


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