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Department of Financial Management

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  • Department of Financial ManagementDepartment of Financial Management
    • Source: 正修科技大學
    • Date: 2018/12/05




    1. The Department of Financial Management was established in 2003 and we started offering our own master program in 2010. The number of incoming students each year is about 150 for undergraduate level and 20 for graduate level.
    2. The Department of Financial Management comprises of two tracks: Marketing of Finance and Wealth Management. Teaching combines theoretical and practical instruction and aims to train financial specialists in the two fields specified to meet our employability skills for the future needs and to keep up with developments in financial practice.



    1. We place emphasis on training for students' financial technology analytic tools and encourage them to obtain professional licenses to increase competitiveness of future employment or advanced sturdy.
    2. The courses are designed to advance gradually, which focus on students’ adaptability and diversified development for growth of sound personality. We also stress professional education to cooperate with the development of global economy.
    3. Many courses are taught in groups of four to six students, among them Financial Practical Projects, Financial Planning, Creative Thinking Training and Financial Case Study. Many courses are taught by joining with practical and experienced teachers.



    1. The primary focus of the curriculum is financial practice and theory. The Department routinely offers computer courses, professional ethic and financial regulation curses. Courses in management and international business can be offered as well.
    2. In the Marketing of Finance track the Department offers specialized courses such as, Financial Instruments, Customer Relationship Management, Presentation Skills, and Industry Research.
    3. In the Wealth management track the Department offers specialized courses such as Security Market, Financial Planning, Funds Management and Risk Management.

    Courses :



         The faculty of the Department is composed of 14 full-time teachers, and most of them are business management doctors. including 7 associate professors, 4 assistant professors and 3 instructors.



         We own most completed domestic and foreign database, emphasize on information software and analyzing ability training, stress financial statistics and technology analytic tools. Now, we have set up 3 financial information labs, 2 computerized labs, a conference room and an auditorium. The advanced, fully-computerized facilities offer an excellent environment for financial management learning.


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