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Department of International Business

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  • Department of International BusinessDepartment of International Business
    • Source: 正修科技大學
    • Date: 2018/12/05




         The Department of International Business was first established in August, 1990. The Department comprises of three tracks: International trade, international marketing and international management. To cope with liberalization and globalization of the industries, we stress not only knowledge and skills in international business but ethical awareness and spirit of service.



         The Department aims to cultivate competent professionals in the field of international commerce and trading enterprises.

    • Our goal is to enable our students to get hold of latest information and the new trend in the international business practice. To put a stress on practical training, conduct studies in practical issues, cooperate with corporations in the society, design practical courses for business people. We also stress the importance of responsibility and professionalism as well as ethical awareness.
    • After graduation, students can take employment in private enterprises, such as trading companies, air transportation, shipping companies or insurance companies. Our students are trained to have a global vision and abilities to deal with the changing international business world.



    Courses :

    • Basic commercial Program:
      Accounting, Statistics, Economics, Marketing.
    • International Trade Practice Program:
      Practice of International Trade, International Trade Theory and Policy, Law of International Trade, Communication and Negotiation Theory, Analyses of International Trade Cases.
    • Finance and Marketing Management Program:
      Financial management, Financial Statement Analysis, International Financial Management, Monetary and Banking System, Investment, International Business Management, International Marketing.
    • Foreign Language Program:
      Business English Conversation, English Listening Comprehension, English Reading and Writing, Japanese, Business Japanese, Business Japanese Conversation.
    • Computer program:
      Application of Business Software package, E-commerce.

    Courses :



         The faculty of the Department is composed of 27 full-time teachers, including 3 full professors, 6 associate professor, 6 assistant professors, 12 lecturers and a foreign visiting scholars.



    To achieve the objective of development and for the practice of international business, the department was equipped with the following facilities:

    1. Open-space commercial exhibition area.
    2. International Commerce Language Lab.
    3. International Trade Computerized Simulation Lab.
    4. Logistics Simulation Lab.
    5. International Business Simulation Lab.
    6. International Commerce Simulation Lab.
    7. Creative thinking & practice workshop.


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