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Department of Mechanical Engineering

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  • Department of Mechanical EngineeringDepartment of Mechanical Engineering
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    • Date: 2018/12/04




         The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Cheng Shiu University was established in 1989, and graduate program was founded in 2003. The Department processes undergraduate, master, and Ph.D. program now. The Department aims to engage both in research and practical application, and cultivates students to be professional engineers with social responsibilities and human care to meet the need of industries. With the capacity and knowledge of Precision Manufacture Design, Automatic Manufacture, Mechatronics, and Energy Management, the young elites will be able to engage in the designing, manufacturing, analyzing, examining, and maintaining in the related industries. Additionally, to comply with the upcoming challenges of new hi-tech era, the Department will continue to advance the integration of knowledge of fundamental sciences and skills of engineering practices, cultivate students the competency of creativity and independent learning, and foster more professional mechanic and electromechanical engineers.



         The group of Manufacturing Design cultivates the elite with the advanced integration competency, and majors in mechanic design, analysis, and manufacture; minor in Mechatronics, Materials Engineering, computer integrated manufacturing, Automatic Control, and the application skills of Hydraulic control of gas, MEMS integration, CAD/CAM, Nano-mechanical. For the group of Electromechanical, the courses focus on the integration, design, analysis, manufacture of Electromechanical; minor in Materials Engineering, Computer integrated manufacturing, Automatic Control, and the application skills of Hydraulic control of gas, MEMS integration, CAD/CAM, Nano-mechanical.



         The undergraduate program aims to cultivate Mechanic engineers with professional competency and ethics. The four-year undergraduate program is composed of three classes and divided into two groups: Manufacturing Design and Electromechanical. Students are required to fulfill 134 credited hours in four years.

    Courses :



         The faculty of the Department is composed of 35 experienced and professional full-time teachers. 87% of teachers are assistant professors or above, including 7 professors, 17 associate professors, 6 assistant professors.



         The design of the laboratories focuses on the precisely manufacturing design and the integration of Electromechanical. The 25 distinguishing laboratories include Design and Manufacturing Integration Center (Reverse Engineering Laboratory, CNC Measurement Laboratory, CNC Machine Laboratory, CAD/CAM Laboratory, RAPID TOOLING Laboratory), CNC Multi-axis Machining Laboratory, Mechatronics Integration Laboratory, Sensors and Signal Processing Laboratory.


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