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Computer Science and Information Engineering

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  • Computer Science and Information EngineeringComputer Science and Information Engineering
    • Source: 正修科技大學
    • Date: 2018/12/04




         The department has a day-time four-year undergraduate program, a night-time four-year undergraduate program, and a postgraduate program. Holding the educational concept of cultivating talents in computer science and information engineering, and following the teaching guideline of emphasizing information technology and application. Therefore, a curriculum with emphasis on theory and practice alike is intended for the fulfillment of talent training, creative thinking, and research development. Students are expected to develop capacity of creative thinking and problem solving skills, and avail themselves of the facilities to offer counseling services in an attempt to bridge the academia and the industry and eventually to help upgrade the industry while boosting its global competitiveness.



         The department regards the two major fields, “the embedded development system” and “the mobile network system,” as the teaching and research focus.

    1. The embedded development system: the embedded systems integration, system-on-a-chip design, and biomedical measurement system.
    2. The mobile network system: broadband wireless network system and wireless sensor network system.



         The curriculum is designed and duly adjusted to connect with the vocational education system, to go with the development trends and dynamics of the IT industry, and to accommodate the practical needs of businesses. With equal emphasis on information technology and information application courses, the curriculum design underscores project study and practical seminars in an attempt to strengthen and integrate the cultivation of practical capabilities. Professional core courses underpin the entire curriculum, which is designed following the direction of the two major development fields, the embedded development system and the mobile network system.

    Courses :



         There are currently 15 full-time teachers in the department, with 1 professor, 7 associate professors, 2 assistant professors and 5 lecturers.



         The department has the following equipment: ZigBee wireless sensor network system, workstation, embedded development system, multimedia application platform, RFID system for teaching and experiments, FPGA simulator, Internet simulation software, vector network analyzer, network equipment tester, network performance analysis software, protocol analysis software, wireless network protocol simulation and computer analysis system, biomedical measurement system, low-rate wireless sensor network development system, and robot teaching system.


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