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Department of Industrial Engineering and Management

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  • Department of Industrial Engineering and ManagementDepartment of Industrial Engineering and Management
    • Source: 正修科技大學
    • Date: 2018/12/04




        The courses offered in this department are to prepare the students for the managerial jobs in industries. The courses are centered in Management Theory, with the integrated applications of computerization and automation, through project team learning, graduates will be capable in the fields of Production/operation Management; Human Resource Management; Project Management; Finance Management; Inventory Management; Facility Planning; Operations Rationalization; and related Strategy Analysis.



         The objective of undergraduate program is to cultivate the engineer with practical skills as well as professional ethics. The Department consists of three classes in bachelor program, and is divided into three areas, namely, microelectronics, Photoelectric, and Green Energy Technology Applications. Students are required to fulfill 138 credit hours for four-year bachelor program. For master program, the course design focuses on both research and practical instruction. It aims to cultivate the professional engineers with social responsibilities and human ethics to meet the needs of high-tech industries.

         The department provides both undergraduate program and college program. Non-management college students in this department can take supplemental courses form college program to fulfill their lack of management theory.



         The curriculum is centered to production/operation management for management theory learning, and the related management knowledge and skill are integrated to the core. The Management Project is a team learning course, each team is conducted by an advisor. The Project is a graduation project which integrates the management theory and skills learned, students learn the applications of management theory on practice and the inter-personnel skills and team collaboration as well.

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         The Department has Personal Computer Lab, Multi-media Network Lab, Quality Management Lab, Management Practice Room, Facility Planning Lab, Work- Study Lab, Industrial Safety and Hygiene Lab, and one Auditorium Room. Each computer is connected to the inter-net facility. The facilities in all labs are adequate and open to the students practice. The facilities are purchased on the yearly based to catch up the advancement of concurrent technology.


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