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Department of Electrical Engineering

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  • Department of Electrical EngineeringDepartment of Electrical Engineering
    • Source: 正修科技大學
    • Date: 2018/12/04




         The Department of Electrical Engineering was restructured in 1999. In 2005, the Graduate Institute of Electrical Engineering was established. The development of the department is based on six main points: (1) high-tech industry development context, (2) support key national policies, (3) industry state in Southern Taiwan, (4) long-term key development directions of the university, (5) attributes of the key equipments in the department and (6) integration and complementary of the expertise of the professors. This department also cooperates with the “six emerging industries” and “four intelligent industry” development strategies of Taiwan and focused on “green energy” as the development direction and draw out, electricity, control and optic, these three main areas of interest.



         To educate students in professional knowledge and equip them with the ability to become of Electrical Engineers. The EE group gradually evolves into three professional areas of development include :Power engineering focus on “Green Energy and Energy-Saving technology application”, Control engineering focus on “Control System Application and Embedded System", Optical engineering focus on “Nanotechnology and Film Engineering” . And works with “the Dawning Green Energy Industry Program” focusing on the personnel training and research of the main force industries (solar photovoltaics and LED lighting) and general potential industries (wind power, energy information, electric vehicles).



         The general education subjects in this department develop the language skills, information skills and cultural literacy of the students. Major subjects develop their professional knowledge, general management skills and knowledge integration capability. The elective courses allow students to enrich their personal interests and aptitudes to strengthen the employment competitiveness and diversified development capability. The modular designed curriculums provide students with professional skills in their respective fields.

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        This department has a total of 35 faculty members including 9 professors, 12 associate professors and 7 assistant professors. The assistant professors occupies 80% of the total faculty and 71% of the faculty are doctorate degree holders. 32 of the faculties have more than two years of practical experiences and/or obtained professional licenses in their specific fields. These professors occupy 86% of the total faculty. The professional subjects are taught by professors who are expert in their respective fields.



         The department has numerous laboratories that provide the following professional training subjects: logic design and training, electronic training, programmable control design and practices, practical application of computer software, microprocessor, programmable control practices, electrical equipment, control system, single-chip application and optical application. In addition, we also have numerous research-oriented laboratories to meet the research needs of students and professors. These laboratories include optical laboratory, optical thin film lab, optoelectronics lab, nano optical lab, embedded graphic control lab, control system lab, green lab, wind and photoelectric lab, energy management lab, power management lab, creative research lab and light optic lab.


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