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  • Department of Electronic EngineeringDepartment of Electronic Engineering
    • Source: 正修科技大學
    • Date: 2018/12/04




         The Department of Electronic Engineering at Cheng Shiu University is composed of Bachelor program (Daytime and nighttime), and master program now. The design of curriculum aims to concentrate on “Chip applications” and” Industry knowledge” as core competence, and integrate the trend of the industry to scheme three fields: Microelectronics, Photoelectric, and Green Energy Technology Applications. With the combination of theory and application, the well-designed courses cultivate engineers to apply the professional engineering knowledge to design, conduct experiments as well as integrate systems to meet the industry’s needs. Additionally, the Department participated in the International Engineering and Technology Education Certification in 2006, and was honorably approved for by Accreditation Council, Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan for six years’ certification in 2007. With the authorization by the members of Washington Accord, the graduates of the Department will obtain the upgrading international competitiveness.



         The objective of undergraduate program is to cultivate the engineer with practical skills as well as professional ethics. The Department consists of three classes in bachelor program, and is divided into three areas, namely, microelectronics, Photoelectric, and Green Energy Technology Applications. Students are required to fulfill 138 credit hours for four-year bachelor program. For master program, the course design focuses on both research and practical instruction. It aims to cultivate the professional engineers with social responsibilities and human ethics to meet the needs of high-tech industries.



    The special features of undergraduate courses are:

    Emphasizing the design, manufacture and measurement of RF components.
    Cultivating the practical skills of semiconductor process and measurement, and green energy technology applications.
    Developing the embedded chips application skills.

    The special features of graduate courses include:

    Emphasizing the design and control of Electromagnetic compatibility and interference.
    Advancing the process and measure skills of semiconductor components and technologies of Energy components and thin-film solar cells.

    Courses :



         The faculty of the Department is composed of 28 full-time teachers, including 4 full professors, 12 associate professor, 7 assistant professors and 5 instructors.



         The Department has 11 fundamental laboratories, which are not only applied as academic instruction but also provided as various official test rooms. Moreover, there are 12 laboratories with special features: Optoelectronics laboratory, Semiconductor processing clean room, Semiconductor Measurement laboratory, Thin Film laboratory, Microwave Measurement laboratory, Electromagnetic Compatibility laboratory, Mobile module integration laboratory, Optical Communications laboratory, RF components Identification laboratory, Intelligent vehicle development laboratory, Robotics laboratory, Image and Sensor laboratory.


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