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School Motto & Seal

School Motto & Seal

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    • Source: 正修科技大學
    • Date: 2018/12/04



    School Motto:





           Unto Perfection








    School Seal:

         The basic concept is based on the abbreviation of the school name,  “C. S.”
         Regarded directly, the symbol appears like the mythic giant roc bird spreading its wings and soaring through the air, as a metaphor for the school’s broad embrace of learning and dedication to excellence in education.

         The design contains what appears to be a pregnant woman, thus symbolizing the equally long and difficult, yet rewarding tasks ahead, just as our institution is entrusted with nurturing future generations of leading citizens. The design aims to convey the effect of soaring into the air, leading the way into the new century,  forging a new era in education, fulfilling the missions of the university, and delivering our potential as an institution.