Department of Information Management


     The Department of Information Management was established in 2002, set up the division of regular education and the division of continuing education, the establishment of a two-year vocational studies junior college in 2004 as well as of two technical working special class in 2005. The Institute of information Management was established in 2007, and Enterprise Master of information Management established in 2009. The Department comprises of two tracks: Applications of Information and Applications of Management since 2011.


  1. The Department focuses on nurturing quality talent with innovative thinking, sound character, and information management professionalism and ability to implement.
  2. The Institute focuses on nurturing high-end Information Management professionals and managers talent with independent research, decision analysis, innovation, research and development, information systems and business management integration capabilities.
  3. We encourage our students to get their communication skills, language skills, creative organizational ability, information professional competence, as well as hard and soft power, by 3 +1 professional licenses.


  1. The main goal of our department course is to teach theory and technology of information management, especially in three areas of expertise knowledge, electronic enterprise, digital content and applications, as well as information security, to cultivate high-level information management personnel.
  2. The design of our course is to adopt both: theory and practice, written and oral double track, professional teachers and industry teachers collaborative, and multiple teaching methods for individual and grouped teams.
  3. Courses :


     The faculty of the Department is composed of 20 full-time teachers and 1 department assistant, including 1 full professors, 7 associate professor, 10 assistant professors and 2 instructors.


  1. There are 6 existing laboratories, including laboratories of the software design, enterprise information systems laboratory, electronic corporate laboratories, special production laboratories, digital content laboratories, information and network security laboratory in our department.
  2. There are the following software resources to provide teaching and research use: ILOG supply chain management system, Process Wizard SCOR supply chain reference analysis, e + + systems analysis, PolyAnalyst data mining 3DMax, Maya, Studio 8, J-Builder, Quest3D, Virtools and so on.
  3. There are the following electric resources to provide teaching and research use: ABI / INFORM, Science the Direct On Site (SDOS), World Scientific, Web of Science (SCI, SSCI, A&HCI), ProQuest Digital Dissertations (PQDD) repository database] database of Spanish academic network via full text or summary retrieval.

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