Bachelor Program of Creative Industry Management


     The program was established in 2011, focusing on bachelor’s degree. The goal of this program is to cultivate elites to excel in creative industry management. By making use of effective marketing strategies, creative industry management can be promoted. Not only does culture-creative industry have the characteristics of strong potential for development and high added value, it is also the index for demonstrating Taiwan’s “soft power”. The program was set up to be in concert with the government’s emphasized national policy. It is hoped that the program can help the transition of local industry and foster local elites via industry-university cooperation.


  • The integration of cross-departments faculty members and space resources.
    The program incorporates faculty members from the Departments of International Business, Business Administration, Financing and Banking, Architecture and Interior Design, The Degree Program of Fashion Life and Creative Design, and the Degree Program of Digital Contents and Technology Management.
  • The emphasis of creation demonstration.
    Students are cultivated to demonstrate their power of creative thinking through the contests of: products design, package design, commercial display, and practical projects.
  • The cultivation of commercial accomplishment from creative industry.
    By training students to make proposals for marketing planning and marketing management, students are cultivated to own the cross-fields integration and application ability which is crucial to cultural-creative industry.
  • The emphasis of practical projects.
    The emphasis of the drills of debate & discussion, implementation, exhibition & display, and briefing can train students’ communication skills and cultivate their competence of completing tasks


     Creative design and marketing management are two significantly interrelated core elements of this program. While we treasure the value of creative products, consumer trends and marketing management should be highly noticed at the same time. The module of creative design covers the courses of: Introduction to Design, The Application of Chromatics, Package Design, Multi-media Application, and Creative Product Design. The module of marketing management covers the courses of: Consumer Trends and Market Survey, The Planning of Marketing Creative Products, The Exploration of Creative Proposals, Advertisement Planning and Marketing, Pricing Strategies and Revenue Management, The Planning of Business and Financing.


     The faculty members include one professor, six associate professors, five assistant professors, and three lecturers. The percentage of assistant professors (and above) is 80 %, which conforms to the development of the program.


     There is one creative thinking & practice workshop, open-space commercial exhibition area, one digital contents laboratory, one case study laboratory, and more.

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