Department of Industrial Engineering and Management


    The Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, established in 1987, offers bachelor and master degree for undergraduate and graduate programs. The undergraduate and graduate curricula in engineering are accredited by the Institute of Engineering Education, Taiwan to ensure that each program continues to achieve its own educational objectives and that its students have attained the required outcomes by graduation. The program educational objectives are:
1.Cultivate industrial engineering and management practical skills students that meet the needs of industrial development.
2.Cultivate students with basic professional knowledge, teamwork and life-long learning.
3.Cultivate students with professional ethics, diverse learning and social responsibility.


   The objective of undergraduate program is to cultivate the industrial engineer with practical skills as well as professional ethics. The department emphasizes integrate production system and data analysis such as data mining. In addition, business administration curriculum focuses on Enterprise Resource Planning and supply chain management. Students are required to fulfill 128 credit hours for bachelor degree. For graduate program, the course design focuses on both operations management and decision analysis. Students are required to complete the thesis to receive master degree. It aims to cultivate the professional engineers with independent research capability to meet the needs of high-tech industries. Most Cheng Shiu University industrial engineering graduates find employment in manufacturing such as semiconductors and electronic companies.


    The curriculum includes in-depth instruction to accomplish the integration of systems for manufacturing and service industry using appropriate analytical, computational, and experimental practices.
The undergraduate curriculum concentrates on:
   1. Production system design develops, implement, and improve.
   2. Business administration and management.
   3. Information technology applications and management.

   The graduate curriculum concentrates on:
   1. Operations management.
   2. Decision analysis.


    The faculty of the department is composed of 2 professors, 9 associate professors, 7 assistant professors, and 1 instructor. The faculty with professional degree and practical experience can offer a wide range of courses which emphasize theories as well as applications.


    The department has 8 laboratories that provide the professional course practice and graduation projects. These laboratories are production management lab, automation lab, multi-media network lab, personal computer lab, quality management lab, facility planning lab, work design lab, and business administration lab. The department also provided the state-of-the-art commercial and academic software.

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