President’s Approach to Education

     The school’s Chinese name, “Cheng Shiu,” taken from the classic work of Chinese philosophy The Great Learning, means to “rectify the heart and mind, and cultivate the body.” To this we add our school credo: Unto Perfection. Instilled with the noble aims of preparing future generations, and supported by the power of the public’s involvement in the continuation and advancement of cultural enterprises, we make this the foundation of our approach to running our university.

     Since its founding, Cheng Shiu University has devoted equal attention to the elements that comprise a balanced education, aiming to cultivate morals, intelligence, the body, social skills, appreciation of arts and beauty, and professional skills. In line with national policy for economic development and the developmental requirements of commercial and trade information, we have established a fine learning and research environment with an emphasis on practical teaching and research results, stressing a holistic education to cultivate well-rounded students with healthy rational, intellectual, and emotional curiosity and maturity. Through this approach, we seek not only to help develop students well versed in high-tech professional know-how, but also culturally aware citizens with broad vision capable of thriving in a diverse, democratic, internationalized society.