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Administrative unit

Office of Research and Development

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    • Source: 正修科技大學
    • Date: 2018/12/05




        CSU established the Office of Research and Development (ORD) in March 1997 for the purposes of integrating the research resources in the university, developing international academic exchange and cooperation, promoting the technology transfer of R&D achievements in the university, integration of resources, technical cooperation, and enterprise service matters. ORD has five divisions, as "Industrial-Academic Cooperation Center", "Instrument Center", "Skills Development Center", "Innovation & Technology Transfer Center", and "Extension Education Center".



    1. To undertake research projects and Industry-Academia Collaboration projects of public and private institutions or organizations;
    2. To match industry and our faculty’s expertise;
    3. To conduct patent applications;
    4. To disseminate and transfer the research results, competition works, and patents of our university;
    5. To exhibit the results of Industry-Academia Collaboration projects and bolster related promotion;
    6. To offer the services to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the process of innovation and incubation; and
    7. To provide guidances to new businesses as well as business innovation and transformation.


    Job Description

    1. Handle National Science Council related matters.
    2. Assist teachers patent matters.
    3. Invite outside experts and scholars keynote speech for each department.
    4. Assist in the review of the school teachers teaching research and service awards matters.
    5. Assist teaching excellence program matters.
    6. Effective integration and management precious instrument use and maintenance, and enhance the quality of teaching and research standards.
    7. Offer effective instrument to assist in basic and applied research.
    8. Instruments related to the special technology professionals to help nurture instrument workshops and short courses, in order to accelerate the domestic basic and applied research.
    9. Promotion of students to participate in extracurricular competitions related matters.
    10. Apply for government grants Employment Program related matters.
    11. Apply for the student to participate in extracurricular Visit internships matters.
    12. Handling teachers to public and private institutions study matters.
    13. Other relevant skills test technical service issues.
    14. Skills Certification remedial classes.
    15. Two-track training flagship plan.
    16. University-industry cooperation plan.
    17. Working people in vocational training courses.
    18. Credit courses (Master, Bachelor).
    19. Community lifelong learning courses.
    20. Regional university-industry links plan.


    Office Staff



    Contact us

    • Name: Na-Fu Wang
    • Tel: +886-7-7358800 ext. 3230
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    • Name: Bo-Wun Huang
    • Tel: +886-7-7358800 ext. 3324
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