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Administrative unit

Office of Student Affairs

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    • Source: 正修科技大學
    • Date: 2018/12/05




         Student affairs work is intended to cultivate well-rounded individuals and assist students to fulfill their potential through the combination of teaching, training, and counseling. Student affairs at Cheng Shiu University has always put the individual first, actively seeking to improve students’ caliber as human beings with the ultimate aim of achieving the school’s motto “unto perfection.” To further the provision of comprehensive student services, the office of student affairs consists of five divisions: student assistance, extracurricular activities, sanitary & health caring, student counseling and alumni &. career development center.



    1. Cultivation and development of students' moral integrity and citizenship.
    2. Encouraging the students to participate the clubs activities to cultivate their own interests and enrich their life
    3. Responsibility for the protection of campus health care and sanitation.
    4. Individual counseling, Group guidance, standardized tests, mentor services and parental discussion meeting.
    5. Assisting current students and alumni in planning for further education, preparing and developing careers.


    Job Description

    Taking a pragmatic approach to innovation, the student affairs team’s performance record continues to impress, highlighted by the following:

    1. Enhancing service quality, implementing autonomous living education, and instilling a service-oriented approach to life in students.
    2. Establishing a club support system via a diversity of extracurricular activities to foster outstanding leaders.
    3. Strengthening roaming counseling services, implementing a three-level preventative professional counseling system to safeguard students’ sound psychological development.
    4. Placing proper emphasis on health and hygiene, establishing an illness and trauma response mechanism to ensure the healthy mental and physical development of all students and faculty.
    5. Assisting alumni association affairs and activities, compiling statistics of graduates flow directions and providing current students with career planning and counseling services.


    Office Staff

    Lin, Lieh-Li (Dean)
    Liou, Sih-Wei (Staff)
    Hsiao, Shu-Fun (Staff)
    Wang, Shih-Mine (Staff)
    Lin, Mai-ling (Chief)
    Lin, Jia-Jie (Staff)
    Hsueh, Li-Shan (Staff)
    Chiu, Hsin-Hui (Staff)
    Hong, Meng-Tsong (Chief)
    Jou, Pay- Fang (Staff)
    Wu, Ping-Wei (Staff)
    Tien, Ching-Jui (Staff)
    Lin, Chuan-Ching (Chief)
    Chang, Ming-An (Staff)
    Yang, Yao-Yuan (Staff)
    Chen, Mei-Hsiang (Staff)
    Yang, Chun-Wao (Chief)
    Chang, Sung-Ming (Staff)
    Chen, Wei-Chieh(Staff)
    Chang, Han-Mei (Staff)
    Chen, Sung-Ling (Chief)
    Liu, Peng-Hsu (Staff)
    Li, Yung-Ti(Staff)
    Huang, Kai-Chen (Staff)
    Liou, Yi-Sian (Staff)
    Hsieh, Meng-Chih(Staff)
    Liu, Jau-Ling (Staff)
    Hsu, Pao-Yueh (Staff)
    Huang, Shu-Huei (Staff)
    Cheng, Ya-Jen(Staff)
    Chen, Szu-Fan (Staff)
    Chen, Hong-Chieh (Staff)
    Lee, Cheng (Staff)
    Liu, Wen-Xin(Staff)
    Chang, Kuan Hai (Staff)
    Kung, Pe-Ni (Staff)
    Lai, Yi-Ching (Staff)
    Ho, Chung-Wen (Staff) Tsai, Jung-I (Staff)
    Tsai, Xing-Jun (Staff)  
      Weng, Chi-Hung (Staff)    


    Contact us

    • Name: Chiu,Hsin-Hui
    • Tel: +886-7-7358800 ext. 2229
    • E-mail:


    • Name: Lin,Lieh-Li
    • Tel: +886-7-7358800 ext. 1115
    • E-mail:


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